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27 October 2014 04:46p.m.

Official Report - Creative Shift Forum 2014

Thank you very much for your interest and support of the Creative Shift Forum 2014. The debates were vivid and new connections and networks could be established. The European Commission considered all recommendations of the participants with an open mind and stated that they will taken into account for further policy decision in the CCIs.

In order to give everyone of you the chance to recab on the findings and outcomes of the Creative Shift Forum 2014, the following report sums up the event including given recommendations, worked-out solutions for certain entrepreneurial challenges, wrapups of the panel discussion and some statistics about the audience and their feedback.

The Creative Shift Forum Report:

View or download the report here

The Creative Shift Forum 2014 presented a new approach of exchange between professionals from cultural and creative sectors, the financing world as well as technology and gave them a forum to address their suggestions and needs directly to the European Commission.

Let's keep all actively working to make Europe an even more innovative and entrepreneurship-friendly place.

Best regards,
Your @diversity team